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One of the most unique features

One of the most unique features of the Iron Bell Academy is this hanging garden of bondage furniture; every piece hung from multitudes of hoists imbedded in the ceiling. I tried to count all the electrical and mechanical hoists in the ceiling, but they were so numerous, eventually I gave up. These strategically placed hoists [...]

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cats of name brands are producing

We can see it. You don need to tell us. Sloppy writing. Technology is def here for sex toys. Used to be battery operated were short lived. Also new companies, actually copy cats of name brands are producing good products. Those that are bashing the non vaxers, how many of you text while driving? How [...]

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Bris gave one woman a bar of Pusser’s soap

Bris gave one woman a bar of Pusser's soap which was of course a name for Navy soap, with no stamp or markings the woman thought it was a lump of cheese she soon found out it wasn't when she took a bite at it, much to her dismay, coughing and spluttering she let out [...]

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lasting and never gets sticky

Mr. Trump eventually focused on infrastructure on Thursday, zeroing in on his plan to speed up permitting. But the subject and timing of the president's focus on his plan, announced in February, are curious. There's a three hour window that BC can be taken in and still considered effective. For instance, if you take your [...]

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Grail is a first five that combines a high kicking

Trojans' Mr. The Trojans were ahead, 13 3, as the fourth quarter began, and Washington State's offense had the ball at USC's 33 yard line after a Cougar interception. Then, USC experienced a rare breakdown. This has been exacerbated by trends in the college game, where mobile quarterbacks play wide open spread offenses that eviscerate [...]

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He was intelligent

He was intelligent, witty, enthusiastic and physically very appealing, but we lived vastly different lifestyles. At my age, I have no interest in being with someone I'm not crazy about just so that I don't have to be alone. I chose pretty, and I'm glad I did." Jodi Brown. I thought this was going to [...]

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How ever when it you personally it

How ever when it you personally it different. I am good with gay people being happy and living there lives the way they want. I would not want to be in a gay relationship my self how ever. Be aware of China's major holidays or 'golden weeks': Lunar New Year, the first week of May [...]

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tell me if it feels slick or smooth

I had my partner use a quarter sized amount just minutes ago for an extra opinion here. I didn't share my opinions or anything with him. I simply told him to rub it on and tell me if it feels slick or smooth and then describe what happens as you keep massaging. I have a [...]

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I don’t in any way condone

I don't in any way condone this but I do question what has happened to this woman that she could even act this way. And i don't mean, as a victim. How was she raised? Was she so spoiled or abused that she was completely clueless or apathetic about what she was doing? This background [...]

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Her moxie isn’t running out either

Reporter: Her moxie isn't running out either, but as the hours stretch out, she succumbs to moments of misery. You know, in movies, they always just show the rescue. They don't really show the panic parts in between, the fear. "Colon engaged in target reconnaissance with an FBI confidential source and instructed the source to [...]

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